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Who We Are.

Bartel Farms was founded in 1986 by the Bartel family from Morris, Manitoba. In 1991 they decided to expand the business and start up a trucking company. Since then Bartel Bulk Freight Inc. has grown to be a major carrier of a variety of non-perishable goods to Canadian and United States destinations.

Automobiles, machinery, carpets, grain, knock-down furniture, groceries, farm products and chemicals are just some of the goods that find their way into the trailers of the company’s fleet of 25 company-owned trucks and 65 additional trucks that it contracts from owner-operators.

“We started off hauling just grain that we grew, then after about eight years, we started doing general freight,” says Chester, whose company has grown steadily over the years. “We’ll carry just about anything that fits into a 53-foot trailer,” he explains. “We serve all the U.S., Ontario and the Western Canadian provinces. Most is long-distance freight. We even haul automobiles for the snowbirds when they go to southern U.S. places like Palm Springs or Orlando. That way they don’t have to drive them, and they have their own car over there,” adds Chester.

Eighty-five per cent of the company’s work originates in the United States.

In 2009, they built a brand new 20,000-squarefoot office and service centre on a 15-acre site in Morris just west of 75 Highway, and the brothers are convinced that the timing is just right for further expansion of the business.